WE, HUMANS, ARE STRANGE! When everything is going well, we ignore our immune health completely and leave it to the mercy of the doctor thinking that he/she will cure us of anything. 

We should understand that the doctor can only do so much for us. But it’s only when a pandemic hits us or we hear the death about someone in the neighborhood that we think, Oh! I need to exercise and eat healthily.”

We can’t predict when the next pandemic will hit us, but we can make sure to increase our immune system so that our body is well prepared to fight against any virus or bacteria that might enter our body. 

Let’s look at 4 ways to boost our immune system:

1. Have Enough Sleep


It is the most important and first step that you can and should take to boost your immune system and stay healthy. Having adequate sleep is of utmost importance because that’s the time when your body is in repair mode.

Your body is like an engine; the only difference is that your body needs maintenance daily. Youngsters in today’s world need to understand it more than anyone else.

Using mobile phones till late at night, watching movies is very dangerous for your eyes and well as your overall health! Completely avoid mobile before sleeping.

Do anything else like reading a storybook or something boring so that you will fall asleep but strictly no mobile phone. People who have formed the habit of sleeping very late, it will seem to be difficult at the start to change this habit.

Start by sleeping 30 minutes or even 15 minutes early than you sleep daily.

Continue this for one week and repeat the process. You don’t have to take big steps but only small and consistent steps. If you find trouble sleeping, try to make your room completely dark or use a sleep mask.

2. Stop Smoking

  • Non-Smokers avoid this step and jump onto the third one! Every smoker knows that it is not good for their health but they still smoke. Nicotine is a substance that causes addiction. Some of the effects of smoking are:
  • feeling of breathlessness 
  • increased risk of infection of lungs
  •  increase in blood pressure
  •  increase in the chance of blood clotting
  • increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • long-lasting illnesses
  • lower sperm count
  • reduced fertility in women
  • irritation and inflammation of the stomach


These are only some of the effects mentioned. You can keep searching and the list is pretty long. Don’t let smoking reduce the precious life you have been given on this planet. 

Smoking completely damages your immune system. It only gives you temporary relief and nothing else. 

To quit smoking, start small. You can’t quit it in a day if you have been smoking for years. If you are smoking 10 cigarettes a day, reduce 1 or 2. Eventually, you will be able to quit it.

3. Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise

mental health

Exercising is quite important which many of us avoid by giving excuses of not having enough time or feeling tired, etc. etc. The best excuse now is that the gyms are closed and “I will start after they reopen”. 

You shouldn’t depend only on the gyms and exercise doesn’t only mean the high-intensity workouts and using dumbbells. Moderate intensity workouts minimum of 20 minutes, 5 times a week at home are more than enough. 

Even walking, stretching, or moving around is a good way to start for beginners. Exercising regularly flushes out the bacteria from your body and even has many benefits like:

  • increase in your energy level
  • glowing skin
  • better immune system
  • improved mental health
  • makes your brain more sharp and active 
  • increases your reflexes
  • reduced chances of any diseases


There are many more benefits of exercising regularly. Start now!! The benefits of exercising far outweigh the excuses that you give for not exercising. Your body will thank you later for starting now.

4. Eat Healthily


Treat your body like a temple and not like a dustbin. Don’t keep filing it with trash each and every day. Avoid eating junk foods. Eating pizza or burger once in a while is okay because we all love it. 

But making it a habit is quite bad for your body. Eat homemade foods. 

Many people get frightened at the thought of thinking about which vegetable should I eat or which one has more protein etc. 

Don’t overthink it. All fruits and vegetables have a good amount of nutrients for you to stay healthy. 

You can think about the proteins, vitamins later after you form a habit of eating healthy. 

Try to avoid ordering junk funds online and eat fruits and vegetables. 

Once you start searching, you will find that there are a variety of fruits and vegetables available that are quite good in taste and healthy at the same time.

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