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Mental Health has become a serious issue, especially in this pandemic. People are getting really anxious and frustrated staying at home day in and day out. It’s a very different and testing time for all of us because we are not used to it. 

The main problem is a psychological issue and not a physical problem which is easily diagnosable. We have to stay strong mentally and spread love to each and everyone around us and avoid hate and negativity. 

Let’s look at some ways to improve your mental health so that you are strong mentally and well prepared to face such times.

1. Avoid watching the news as much as possible

mental health

Sitting in front of the TV the whole day watching the news about the increasing cases of corona in your country or seeing some country attacking another country really impacts your mind in a negative way. 

You see news channels showing negative news all the time. They hardly show any happy news. It because the listeners respond quickly to negative words like “cancer”, “bomb blast”, etc in comparison with happy words like “smile”, “fun”, etc. 

The impact of negativity on our brains is more than the impact of positivity. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid the news as much as possible.

Remedy: If at all you want to watch TV, switch to some hearted movies or shows or cartoons instead of these news channels which do nothing but affect your mental health.

2. Practice Gratitude

mental health

Gratitude is very powerful and a great way to keep yourselves positive and happy. 

Be grateful for everything including small things. Be grateful to be alive, be grateful that you have a roof over your head, be grateful for the life you have on this planet, and be grateful for the wonders of Mother Nature. 

You can be grateful for anything and everything. Practice gratitude every morning after you wake up. 

You can even listen and read out gratitude affirmations for more impact.

3. Exercise and move your body

mental health

Exercising helps you in many ways. It helps you to become strong physically as well as mentally. Exercising releases a chemical called endorphins which is also released when you eat chocolate or get a massage or have sex. 

So exercising is a great way to feel happy and positive. Moving your body also helps when you feel sad or depressed. It’s when you stay in one place that you feel more alone and sad. 

The next time you feel sad about something, just get up, keep your head high, shoulders back and walk around a bit or even dance if possible. 

You can’t be sad when you keep moving your body.

4. Forgive more

mental health

Many of us hold grudges against someone who has hurt us in the past. We don’t feel satisfied until we take some kind of revenge against them. 

This affects us more than that other person. Though after taking revenge you might a short term pleasure, it’s quite harmful to your mental health. 

Forgiveness is a much easier alternative to keep ourselves happy as it frees us from a lot of stress we carry with ourselves. 

Practice forgiving everyone no matter what they might have done to you because it makes you happy and in the end, we all are one. 

Feel a connectedness with each human on this planet. It is the best way to live a peaceful life.

5. Remain socially active

mental health

Socially active doesn’t just mean to be active on Whatsapp or Instagram. Being socially active means reaching out to your friend’s circle from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. 

Every one of us has a person with who we are comfortable. It can be friends, your cousins, siblings, or anyone. 

Reach them through video call or audio call or meet them and relive some of the best memories, have fun, and keep interacting. It helps to keep your mental health as well as your friends’ mental health strong. 

Stay in touch with them and do contact them in case you feel sad. Remaining socially active is very good for your well being.

6. Relax because it’s okay to be Lazy

mental health

Sometimes it’s okay to just sit around and be lazy and do nothing. It’s not necessary that you keep working 24 hrs. 

You are a human and not a robot. Just lie down in your bed doing nothing and don’t regret that you are wasting time or you should be doing something productive. 

It’s completely fine at times when you couldn’t complete your assignments or work on time. Don’t punish yourself. Treat yourself as something very precious because you are!!

Take care of yourself and everyone around you because it is high time where we should become together and support each other and make no enemies.

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