7 Best IGTV Video Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From in 2020

IGTV Video

One of the most significant updates of Instagram is IGTV. IGTV is Instagram’s reply to the ever-growing popularity of YouTube. Since Instagram is majorly known as the Photo album, IGTV is more of a video format. 

Its a longer video format, and the time duration allowed under IGTV is 60 minutes. This is the longer video format that many influencers and advertisers use nowadays to showcase their products as well as the skills. 

It can also serve as long video formats, which are also known as IGTV in Instagram products and even ideas are promoted. This is also a perfect way of interacting with your followers and fans on Instagram. 

IGTV Video is looking at a larger game on Instagram. Especially for people who are into longer video formats, IGTV is for them only. And here, the videos are mostly in vertical format. IGTV Videos are a complete breakthrough from the earlier Instagram image. 

Everything you need to know about IGTV :

You can find the IGTV icon in the upper right corner of your Instagram feed home screen. This is located next to the share icon, which is in the shape of an airplane.

This is where the IGTV channel is live, and you can watch other IGTV videos of the people you follow. This is also the place where you can watch your channel and upload your IGTV videos too. 

There is a standalone IGTV application also available. This IGTV channel is located right next to your Instagram story highlights, and it can be accessed through the news feed home screen. When you are uploading an IGTV video, you can add your title and description. And you can even add the thumbnail image of your IGTV video.

So, let’s now look at the 7 best IGTV videos of all times through which you can take your inspiration:




IGTV For Business

One of the finest jewellery brands Mejuri has made its presence on Instagram. But thanks to IGTV, the brand is emerging as one of the most thoughtful and engaging customer brands. The brand has started to showcase their influencers and customers as their brand ambassadors. These customers have been showcased as storytellers, and they share their experiences with their favourite piece of jewellery they bought from Mejuri. 

IGTV for Brand Promotion

Many cosmetics like Tarte Cosmetics are using IGTV as their brand promotion too. These videos are being used to demonstrate the best practices around any of their bestsellers or new products. Many beauty bloggers or even celebs are seen using that particular brand of cosmetics and are showcasing how to use that or sharing such tips and tricks through IGTV on Instagram.

IGTV for Changing Thought Process

The Lily News is one such major Instagram channel where you can see the changing thought process. The host of the show is seen breaking many stereotypes. Her IGTV content is consistent with many modern days’ feeds and stories, which will motivate and inspire you.

IGTV for Brand Promotion for everyone

Have a look at the IGTV of ESPN, one of the best things about them is that the way they promote their brand and thought process is adorable. IGTV channel of ESPN is filled with graphs and animated videos that are easily understood by everyone. This is quite easier to understand by people who don’t follow sports regularly.

IGTV for customer testimonials

Honest Company is a natural beauty and baby products company by Jessica Alba. This IGTV shows four women who unexpectedly and delightfully found out that they are pregnant. The footage will show raw and honest experiences from these women who are shot by their friends only. This is one of the unique ways of showing and expressing brand promotion and Strategy.

IGTV for relevant partnership

Sweet green, a fast-casual salad restaurant, has an IGTV series called Market Watch. This series is all about taking a food celeb through the experience of one of their farmer’s fields. Quite inspirational and an eye-opener for someone who is into clean eating. 

IGTV for Healthy Living

Interior design retail store West Elm encompasses the healthy living element. For instance, the IGTV video of West Elm shows how to take care of indoor plants and which are the best indoor plants. And they also show some smart hacks related to the maintenance of indoor plants, and they have an idea of how you can cover up some flaws of your own house, especially your dining room.


These are one of the best IGTV videos which are not only one of the best in terms of business but also outstanding in terms of customer experience. With a youtube editor available on the internet, you can also publish your IGTV videos on YouTube. Isn’t that great? Now, you have got better bandwidth and a broader audience to showcase your product and ideas. Truly the technology is supreme, and this digital age is here to stay!

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