Boost Your Business with 10-Promising Tech Tools in 2020

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Managing an online business involves juggling thousands of business-related tasks all at once. You might have access to dozens of applications, but it doesn’t mean that you can access all of them at your fingertips without essential tech tools. 

As the latest apps and services keep popping up frequently, it is quite impossible to keep track of each of them. 

Here we present to you a comprehensive list of useful tech tools that can not only lessen the workload for you but also streamline workflow and increase productivity for your business. 

Let us dive into the must-have tech tools:

1. Google Suite- Helps You To Leverage The Cloud Setup

Google Suite is commonly referred to as the Office in the cloud as it incorporates Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Slides, Hangouts, and many more. In total, these features allow you to store, present, or keep notes or checklists of your documents and streamline your business operations. This tool has a plethora of advantages that have been incorporated into cloud solutions to offer you great flexibility and collaboration.

2. Trello- Effective Task Management

Trello is a fully-fledged collaborative task management option that allows users to organize their projects easily into different boards. Users can analyse who is working on which segment of a project and at what stage they have accomplished the task. For real estate agents, this tool has two distinct readymade boards.

3. Google Forms- Reader's Data Management

Google Forms tool is a convenient and easy-to-use tool through which one can collect details from the readers and sort it accordingly. Furthermore, the users can start this information in a spreadsheet. This tool has an intuitive, speedy, and professional-looking interface that can be personalized as per the requirements. For example, it can be used to collect information for the blogs, curate the newsletter lists, or ask for feedback.

4. Slack- Collaboration And Internal Chat Interface

Slack can act as a virtual office where a user can easily share documents, search information, and communicate with their colleagues or other departments. Over the years, this tool has evolved from a cloud-based chat room to a whole new set of collaboration tools because of the number of apps that can integrate with it. This tool easily breaks down communication barriers.

5. DocuSign- Electronic Signature Service

DocuSign electronic signature service can accelerate the process of transactions in which documents can be secured, managed, or stored in the cloud environment. It means that documents can be signed and accessed from anywhere, any time, and across any device. It is a must-have tool that not only reduces paperwork but also helps to limit contract rework that might arise due to an error.

6. Streak For Email- Simple CRM Within Gmail

Streak is a handy Chrome extension that enables users to manage their transactions and leads right from their Gmail accounts. It is the best tool to have as you do not have to always bother about switching between Gmail and Customer Relationship Management systems. It can be seen as a time and cost-savvy option. With this tool, users can also view a snapshot of their real estate pipeline in their inbox and organized deals. It is highly customizable for fulfilling most of the requirements.

7. ProWritingAid- Ensure Quality Writing

This tool allows users to dive deep into quality-oriented writing. Right from using cliché to understand the content variation, ProWritingAid allows users to compose and copy-paste instantly. It also provides a summary report having all sorts of content statistics and its strength or weakness. On the plus side, it also represents changes by highlighting them as texts. You can easily manage your texts, copy-paste them frequently, and follow the suggestion to make them comprehensive with this tool.

8. MailChimp- Create Advertisements Or Transmit Newsletters

It is a general email marketing tool that allows users to create beautiful emails or newsletters without hiring a developer or a designer. All you are required to do is to select an email list that you have to send emails to and choose the email ID to send it from. You can easily select a template and customize content accordingly. Within a few minutes, you can create your online Facebook Ad template or email content and send it. It is more of a marketing automation tool that also allows users to target their website visitors with specific emails or advertisements.

9. BombBomb- Video Email Tool

Video content has become a luxury for business marketing and promotion. BombBomb is an incredible tool for users willing to build customer trust and have referrals with video emails. It is equally suitable for real estate professionals as it allows them to humanize their communication with potential users. BombBomb is quite an impressive tool.

10. BoxBrownie- Image Enhancement And Virtual Staging

If you are willing to up your image game from ordinary to extraordinary, then this tool is a must-have for you. Virtual staging in this tool can help you to reap the benefits of your platform. This tool is extremely efficient because it is evident that online platforms have a small attention span. Hence this tool allows the potential buyers to have access to incredibly detailed photos and consider making purchases.

The Final Verdict

You can learn more about the tech tools or follow through the ones that have been recommended above. Make sure not to miss any of these tools as they are beneficial for all kinds of businesses irrespective of their variation.

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