Content Marketing: Free Beginner’s Guide for Maximum Success in 2020

Content Marketing

Content Marketing History dates back to several centuries ago. You should know that the concept never evolved specifically for the web. But, today, it has emerged as one of the most effective techniques for marketing on the web.

Consequently, discussing the best tricks and tips will certainly benefit newbies.

Successful Content Marketing is all about bridging the gap between your products and/or services and the target customers. However, not all content suffices to this need. Hence, it is important to understand the attributes of successful Content marketing campaigns. This will guide beginners to jump-start a campaign, producing the most delightful results.

Attributes of a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Research suggests, especially beginners, lack precise knowledge about content marketing. They are not very sure about the objective of such a campaign and how it differs from traditional marketing programs. It will be especially relevant to state that content marketing never focuses on canvassing or promoting a product or a service. Rather, its sole objective is to provide relevant and vital information to the target customers as per their specific needs and interests. Moreover, content marketing focuses on educating the target customers and consolidating a better engagement between a brand and its target customers by serving key information, not available elsewhere. 

As such, a successful content marketing program should have the following points to its core:

  • Analyzing the specific needs and likings of your target audience. 
  • Identifying content that your target customers will appreciate the most. 
  • Creating valuable and compelling content. 
  • Exploring effective ways of promoting content across various platforms. 

The most popular content types to power your Content Marketing Program

As content marketing targets to educate the customers, content type, and quality matter the most. Content Marketing involves various content types, determined by multiple primary and secondary factors. Let’s explore the most famous content types involved.

  1. Text Content: the backbone for the online platform, Text content is the most traditional content type. Moreover, it is the most commonly used resources in content marketing programs. Following are the Text Content sub-sections: 
  • Blogs and Articles 
  • Social Media Post
  • EBook
  • Email Marketing
  • Whitepapers
  • Newsletters


Search Engines find text content most appealing. Hence, text content is one of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website. 

  • Photos and Images: Social media platforms turning highly visual, images, and photos have become another common content type. Research establishes the fact that these resources foster better engagement with the target audience than conventional text content. Comics, Quote Graphics, Infographics, and Slideshows are the most common resources for this category.
  •  Video: Video content is  perhaps the most common and engaging content type in today’s time. Videos not only earn better attention from your target customers but retain your brand within their focus in a seamless manner. As such, content marketing strategy relies a lot on video content. The evolution of the dazzling video maker has made it very simple to create the best content marketing video.


Your guide to craft the most compelling content

Content Marketing fetches a fascinating return on investment, much higher than what you can expect with the traditional marketing methods. However, it is important to curate your content in the most appealing and engaging manner. Moreover, your content must address the specific needs and requirements of your target customers. This is going to take some time as it demands the above-par research to have a precise understanding of various aspects related to the campaign. Therefore, you should always approach this step with a long-haul approach: 

Identifying the Top Content for the industry

You need to know the most relevant and engaging content specific to your industry. When you find a sought-after content, covering the topic area, you need to analyze the content structure and style. In addition, you need to find the type and number of images as well as its basic format. This way, you can explore your industry’s preference in the easiest manner. 

Applications like Content Analyzer search by topic as well as analyze a competitor’s website URL to find content getting the optimum social engagement. After exploring your industry’s top choices, you can start creating your content. 

Using Keywords perfectly

Keywords determine your ranking on search engines. Thus, you can secure top ranks if you use keywords and anchor texts in a perfect manner. Higher Ranking drives more traffic to your website, eventually securing the optimum return on your investment. 

After you have explored the most relevant keywords, you should proceed as follows: 

  • The target keyword should come in the Content Title.
  • The main keyword should come in the opening paragraphs, at least once. 
  • One of your H2 Headlines must include your keyword.
  • Focus on at least a 2% Keyword use for the content word count. 
  • The Meta Description must come with the target Keyword. 

A longer blog is expected to perform better.

Research accounts, the longer a blog, more potential is its result. The questions are, what should be the ideal length of a blog post. Experts suggest your blog length should be around 2000 words. You might feel that such long blogs are likely to bore your target audience. However, research suggests a completely different fact. Readers are likely to share longer posts. The more shares your articles and blogs get, your website starts getting more traffic-something that you will always aspire to happen. 

Quality Vs Quantity

Earlier, it was assumed that the more articles you post, the higher will be the engagement with your target customers. But, the fact is completely different.  Readers always look forward to high-quality content rather than getting tons of low-grade content from your side. Moreover, low-quality content is going to have the most negative impact on your target audience. Therefore, you should always focus on quality content over the volume. 

Most importantly, be patient for getting results, and you should always post your content early in the week. These tricks and tips will power your online content marketing strategy campaigns. 

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