Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Real Estate Business In 2020

Digital Marketing

The real-estate business is an integration of many individual entities. It is diverse and dynamic in all aspects. Marketing is a pivotal element of the real-estate business since it generates and nurtures leads and potential sales. Fairly heterogeneous, marketing is also of multiple kinds. The importance of every marketing strategy varies from business to business. While print-media marketing is mandatory for the fashion industry, digital media marketing is a must for the real-estate business today. To create and execute a digital marketing strategy, you must have a deep understanding of the market so that your strategies resonate with consumer behavior. With the help of various online applications, you can market your brand on an easier level, for instance, creating your first promotional video for Instagram or creating an account on LinkedIn to generate new leads. 


To help you kick-start the digital marketing of your business, we bring you some of the most popularly used promotional tactics that you must try:

1. Create a professional website


A professional website does multiple works simultaneously for you. It is impossible for you to hand your business cards out to all your potential clients on the internet. A website gives them the details of your business, updates them on offers and deals, and acts as a dedicated space for them to get in touch with you. You can also give your clients online estimations, VR tours, or list down their preferences through various applications that design such intuitive websites. Wix is a popular website-maker that you can use to create a striking website. 

2. In-house Blogging

One of the most popular promotional tools for new-gen markets is blogging. Promoting your brand through blogs is a sure win since platforms like WordPress and RedIt have emerged as absolute winners. Once your website is well-built, you can start publishing blogs about your brand and beyond. It can be informative and useful for your clients or even an avid reader who needs information about something relevant. In-house blogging increases the visibility of your brand and increases your chances of ranking higher on the Goggle Search Engine. This way you increase brand identity and boost sales.

3. Video Marketing on Social Media

While talking about social media, one thing that strikes the most is its unique content quality. You can only find a place on the table if you bring something creative to it. Video marketing is a widely used marketing tool that showcases your brand on the internet with the utmost creativity. It conveys your brand’s message through attractive videos that ensure a higher audience engagement rate. One thing you must keep in mind while carrying out video marketing for your real estate business is to stay in speed with ongoing trends. Create videos with pop culture references and increase your views with every passing second. 

4.Email Marketing

A conventional yet very effective way of brand placement is Email Marketing. Your sales can shoot up dynamically through this promotional tool since a massive segment of house-hunters is active on email. You can keep in touch with your past clients and build a network of potential clients. Email marketing facilitates you to keep your clients updated about the newest deals and offers that you are offering. It is one of the fastest and economical communication tools. 

5. Establish a Community

“Your network is your net worth.” It is indispensable that you maintain a good relationship with your clients, employees, and other realtors for a smoothly-functional business. Facebook is one such social media platform that provides you a chance to expand your network phenomenally and generate more leads over time. To keep your connections active, you must regularly post celebratory images and videos of national holidays and seasonal greetings.

6. VR tours of your property

Don’t let your business suffer because of geographical barriers. Generate more leads by providing your clients with VR tours of the properties that are on sale. This not only promotes your brand but also saves the time of your clients. They can view the property in the comfort of their homes and then make an informed decision.

7. Analyze your online performance

After executing a well-structured digital marketing strategy,  it is pivotal that you review your progress and record your audience engagement rate on a frequent basis. Google Analytics is a software that helps you analyze your performance through comprehensive graphic and numerical representations. 

Behind every successful business are a million well-planned strategies and flawless execution techniques. Use digital marketing as leverage to boost your real-estate business by strategically planning your next promotional move. Happy strategizing.

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