Top 10 golden skincare and beauty tips for women in 2020

Golden Skin care and Beauty Tips for Women

To be a senior beauty expert, you must follow the correct maintenance method. The following ten rules are the golden skin maintenance rules you need to remember. Keep in mind.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the key time for the skin to repair itself every day, and it can also effectively help the muscles relax during sleep. You can use photos to record your skin conditions when you wake up, when you leave work, and when you stay up late. You can clearly compare the lines that appear when the skin is tired. The lines that are caused by fatigue can be obtained after sufficient sleep rest. Get a good improvement

2. Eat more foods with antioxidant properties

For example, vitamin C, E, green tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, etc., are all ingredients with antioxidant properties, so you can consume more fruits; because grape polyphenols exist in grape seeds, it is recommended to drink grape juice when eating grapes , Only when the grape seeds are juiced together can the grape polyphenols be absorbed effectively.

3. Reduce the formation of peroxides

Peroxide is the main cause of free radicals. If it can be avoided as much as possible, it can effectively prevent cell oxidation. Such as smoking less, eating less fried food, etc., can effectively avoid the formation of peroxides in the body.

4. The cleaning action should be gentle

When cleaning the skin every day, avoid excessive pulling on the skin. It is recommended to use the middle finger and ring finger during the cleaning action, which will not cause skin load.

5. Pay attention to moisturizing at all times

Ingest 2000 CC of water a day, and carry moisturizing products at any time and replenish it in time to avoid dry fine lines.

6. Appropriate massage for areas where expression lines are prone to appear

To effectively avoid the appearance of expression lines, you can provide timely massage in the areas where expression lines are prone to appear on the skin, such as the brows, the end of the eyes, and the corners of the mouth.

7. When you feel a lot of pressure and your muscles are tight, you can gently stroke your face to relieve muscle pressure

It helps to avoid expression lines by touching with the hands, which can effectively distract the attention of nerve conduction, relax muscles and avoid expression lines.

8. Exfoliate moderately

Exfoliate moderately depending on your skin condition. Exfoliation does not necessarily have to be done on the whole face, it can be done locally. The simple way to determine when and where to exfoliate your skin is as follows: When you feel that your facial skin becomes rough, your pores become more visible, or you have acne, it is all signs of exfoliation.

9. Avoid scratching the skin

When the skin is uncomfortable, avoid itching and scratching with your fingers, because these actions can easily damage the tissue structure of the skin, causing the skin to relax and even leave scars.

10. Avoid direct sunlight on the skin and do a good job of sun protection

When you are outdoors, try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. It is better to take two more steps to a shaded place. Try to choose clothing with covering properties. If you cannot use clothing to cover, apply sunscreen products.

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