A Perfect Wedding : 5 Tips To Make Your Big Day Even More Special


Pictures and videos are proof of your beautiful memories. One depicts the beauty of your quiet moments while the other re-visits a part of the lived memories. You must have heard of wedding collages where random, candid pictures from the big day are brought together. Similarly, a slideshow maker allows you to string all your beautiful memories together from your wedding day. It is a fantastic way to memorialize the event. 

Wedding slideshows allow you to organize the events of the wedding in chronological order. From the fun and music of the bachelorette party to the emotionally beautiful moment of walking down the aisle or saying, “I do,” every memory is recorded. You can experience it over and over again. 

Moreover, you can also add animations and embellishments like text and images to customize the slideshow.  Most online slideshow software offers customizable templates. These are easy to use and allow you to create professional-looking slideshows easily and quickly.

Five Tips For Creating A Perfect Wedding Slideshow

Personalization is the key to any slideshow making process. You will find many templates on an online slideshow creator. However, it reflects your personality only when you customize it. Here are five tips to make your ”perfect” wedding slideshow: 

1. Choose The Perfect Template

From the multiple available choices, choose the template that’s more you. Before you start customizing, select a template that gets 50% of your work done. In a few seconds, a pre-made template with ready-made changes will be available for you to work on. This system makes the process of slideshow creation easier. 

If you believe that your ideas are better than the available templates on an editing platform, start from a blank page. The entire world of customization will be open for you to test, try, and implement. You’ll know which effect or edit is the best for your video, by looking at the live preview of your work. 

2. Include Short Texts

There certainly must have been a funny incident or two at your wedding. Whether it was an inside joke or a random funny event, make note of it with the corresponding video to remember it forever. 

Ensure that the text is small and easy to read. There won’t be much time to read an entire paragraph while you’re watching the video. Thus, keeping the text short will entertain your audience (which could be the future version of you and your partner). 

3. Keep The Color Combination In Mind

There are two places where the color combination plays a pivotal role in your video – effects and text box. By choosing a random color for these sections, the quality of your video and picture will be sabotaged. It will also collectively bring the pixel clarity of your slideshow down, which will ruin your experience of watching the video.

 Your video maker will present you with multiple color choices to select from.  Take your time to analyze the best color that goes with the background of your image or video. Usually, the exact color of your background works perfectly well for the textbox in your video. 

4. Include More Videos

To keep the future viewers of the video entertained, include videos in the slideshow.

The more videos, the better your slideshow will appear.  The lively music and voices of the attendees will surely make your heart beat with excitement. 

While adding these videos, take your time to analyze the correct sequence. If you randomly place a still from your wedding before a bachelorette picture, it will ruin the vibe of the video and break the link. Ensure that you only include videos and photos in the right sequence. 

5. Add Your Personal Touch With Every Effect

When you add a special effect or an additional text on every slide, the slideshow becomes even more personal. Even a professional editor could make these videos for you. But, it would have been just like any other wedding slideshow on the internet. Bring your soul into the content. Some options for adding your personal touch include adding the same effects on every slideshow, a small text that has your nicknames in the corner of every slide, or a common transition effect. 

Regardless of your creative choices, the world of slideshow maker applications has many features to help you in threading together the best memories of your wedding day.

So, unleash your creativity and create something truly memorable! 

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