5-Ultimate Marketing Tips For Effective Branding And Promotions On Social Media

Social media marketing

Video marketing has been a pivotal part of branding and advertising since decades but due to the emergence of social media marketing, Video Marketing has gained momentum like never before. 

Statistics prove that people prefer watching videos rather than reading lengthy texts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. In fact, most social media platforms have dedicated spaces to create and share videos on a global scale. 

Furthermore, brands that execute successful video marketing strategies generate higher ROI and have a great audience engagement rate. Video marketing also makes it easy for you to tell your brand’s story more effectively. 

With the help of various tools and applications available online, you can now easily make videos and generate more traffic to your website.

Here are 5 tips for strategizing effective marketing campaigns for your brand:

1. Content quality

It is very important to understand the composition of your viewers. Only after you comprehend their taste shall you be able to create videos that resonate with customer behaviour. 

The Content quality of your video must not be poor since that will only encourage the viewers to bounce off. 

Here are some things that you must remember while curating content for your video; 

  • Keep your word count very limited. Extremely wordy videos almost never see the light of popularity. Keep your content short, precise and catchy.
  • Use high-resolution footage and imageries in your videos. An important aspect of video marketing is that your videos should always be visually appealing. Use aesthetic imageries and footages to increase views.
  • Always highlight your brand. Make sure that your product or watermark in the video is not hidden or undermined by filters, stickers or gifs.
  • Always add sound. A video without music can never make an impact. To make your videos inspirational and creative, you must always incorporate background music as per the theme of your video.


Work hard on transitions. Add striking animations and graphics to make your video even more catchy. With the availability of a diverse range of websites and video-making apps, you can now make videos online.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Yet another reason to opt for video marketing is the fact that google search engine digs video content. You automatically rank higher on Google Search Engine if you embed videos on your website. 

Although, your video must be backed by search engine optimization. To optimize your video content, you must put grammatically correct descriptions and titles that integrate maximum keywords.

Google algorithms curate content as per keyword utilization and thus, you must never miss out on SEO.

3. Intriguing thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the first impression of your brand in the eyes of the viewers. 

The more attractive your thumbnail image, the higher are the chances of viewers to watch your videos. 

The thumbnail of your brand must be intriguing and should resonate with your brand identity. 

Even though you can easily make videos today, it is indispensable that you create authentic thumbnails for increasing the visibility of your videos.

4. Social media outreach

After your video is ready, all there’s left to do is publish it and mesmerize your viewers.

Make sure to share your video at multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and other relevant platforms in order to increase visibility and generate more traffic. 

A well-strategized social media outreach dynamically increases brand awareness. It makes your brand more accessible. 

Posting your content on multiple social media platforms also enhance your business by generating more sales overtime.

5. Strategize, Execute, Analyze

Once you comprehend the nature of your target group, it is important that your strategies fall in unison with customer behaviour. 

You must strategize your content with respect to what is trending or gaining popularity on social media. A strong CallToAction shall always be present in your promotional videos. 

You can make intro videos  for your brand by using various video-making apps on Google Playstore and incorporate effective CTAs. 

The execution of your videos shall be integrated with Search Engine Optimization and the previously mentioned Media outreach shall be taken into consideration. 

After your strategies are in motion, you must always review their performance and analyse the outcome before hopping on to your next strategy. 

The analysis holds abundant importance because it is through observation that you understand what kind of content works best for your audience. 

After critically analysing the performance of each video, you can implement the changes and further enhance your strategies to yield better outcomes.


Video marketing holds a wide array of opportunities to promote your brand in the digital space. It is on you how much you can leverage through this precious branding toolkit. A melting point of creativity and technology, Video Marketing is truly an essential tool for the 21st generation branding and promotions.

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