Free Tips To Edit YouTube Videos Before And After Publishing

The world has become so confined to the progression of technologies. People started considering technologies as the savior for almost every requirement. Television was no longer the primary source of entertainment. With the advancement of technologies and regular progress, video sharing and hosting platforms like YouTube became the prime source of entertainment for every age alike. Be it catching up with your favorite television soaps or getting to know some important information, YouTube always has content according to everyone’s requirement.

The plethora of every requirement

Slowly the video hosting site became one of the most popular social media platforms out there. There are uncountable videos related to everything available on YouTube for you to search according to the requirements. Platforms like YouTube allow everyone to share their creativity with the world and offer the platform to bring out your talent for the whole world to watch. It not only allows us to be creative in front of the world but also provides us a source to earn handsomely through our talent.

What is YouTube, by the way?

It is like an album or library of millions of videos catering to various categories. Be it the latest news or newly released album of songs or showcasing someone’s talent, this particular platform lets everyone do that with ease. YouTube even provides an opportunity for everyone to earn a living doing and showcasing their talent. It is one of the best mediums to bring your content closer to the world.

Is it the best medium to showcase your talent?

YouTube is not partial with anyone trying to showcase their much-cherished talent with the world without shelling out a fortune. It is perhaps the best medium in today’s world to get the much-required attention for your creativity. It can generate millions of views and accolades within the shortest time frame. Having a smartphone is enough for you to shoot, edit, and upload and share your talent with the world.

How to be a successful YouTuber?

Like any popular thing that attracts attention worldwide, YouTube also has billions of users trying to showcase their talents with the world. So you need to produce high-quality content to stand apart in the competition. Your content shall be not only unique but also of impressive quality. So it is highly recommended to accurately shoot and edit your videos before sharing it on such platforms.

How to edit your videos properly before uploading?

Use a reputed Video Editor

No matter how good your camera is or how much skillfully you have shot your videos, you need to edit your work properly to insert the much-needed effects to make your videos stand out. There are multiple video editing platforms available online for use to make your video look more appealing to your audience. Always choose an editing tool that is easy to use and offers multiple functions. A proper video editor is the best friend of a video maker; it can make or break the deal for you as a YouTube video maker.


Properly edit your video.

While shooting your video, you may end up capturing few footages, which may seem not up to the mark or unnecessary to include in the final version. Hence you should always edit your video to discard unnecessary parts out. Your video should be able to tell a story flawlessly to your audience. Unrelated and lengthy footages can have detrimental effects on attracting organic followers and views. From beginning to end, your video should have a sequential flow; every part of your footage should seem relatable. If you want to add some part into your video, you should do it very skillfully so that it looks to be a part of your whole timeline and not abrupt or sudden. You need to be tactful to edit videos for YouTube, the length of your video should not be very long, and it may turn your viewers away.

Adding correct transitions

You may not record your video in a single shot, and you may add multiple footages together into a single video. But you should always add proper transition effects like fades, using different angles, swaying effects, etc. while going from one shot to another in your master video. Your transition from one scene to another should always feel natural and smooth. Sudden and unnecessary transitions in a video can hurt your audience. The main agenda of video making is to express a message or to narrate a story to your audience. Sudden and abrupt transitions of scenes in your video will not look unconvincing and unjustifiable, hence maintaining a proper flow is very important.

Using proper background audio

Your video is not just surveillance footage. You are trying to tell a story or give a message with your video. Hence the audio note of your footage is of great importance. The audio file is an inseparable part of the video; it helps to tell your story to your audience. So always edit the audio of your footage properly before uploading. Make sure it is clear and free from distortion. While recording videos, you may end up recording some unwanted background noises, so don’t forget to edit them out of your videos. You can also use some background music or notes in your video to make it more attractive. Any good and relatable background music can lift the quality of your work and make it more lucrative. 

Editing your video after uploading

This feature of YouTube is a cool one. It allows you to edit your video even after you have uploaded it. There may be some glitches in your video which you get to notice after uploading it online, but you don’t need to delete your work and re-upload it after rectifying the errors. YouTube allows you to make moderate changes and to fine-tune even after you upload it. By using the “creator studio” button on YouTube, you will be able to edit your already uploaded videos. You can’t do any significant changes, but you can easily make basic edits like trimming easily with this feature.


Now as you know how to edit your videos like a pro get your cameras rolling and showcase your talent to the world.

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