8-Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guides for your Business


Ever since Instagram created, it has grown its popularity among other platforms for sharing photos and videos. 

Over 1 billion active users with many social influencers on this platform will have an enormous number of followers. 

With the correct planning and strategy, your brand will become influential among your competitors. 

For this to happen, you need to post suitable content for the current followers and also to bring the new ones. 

However, it is difficult to know which type of posts will help bring your target audience.

1. Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Already if you have a personal account and a recognized following, you may convert this Instagram account to a business account. 

The account offers you the required access to all business strategies features but creates the transition flawless for your current followers.

If you don’t have any personal account or the account that does not suit your business environment, you should create a brand-new Instagram business account.

From the above, go to the settings and tap on “Switch to Business Profile.” Now you are switched to a business account, and you will find some benefits like your followers contact you with just a single click. 

Other benefits include access to Instagram analytics tools that help to offer information about the reach of your posts and their impressions. 

You have to check the track data that help you understand your target audiences’ behavior.

2. Free Instagram Tools

Instagram Business profile through Insights helps to view statistics like impressions and engagement data. 

You will also get details of the follower’s list demographics, including their gender, age, and location.

The free tools are invaluable. It helps to understand the exact followers’ behavior with your content. It shows various statistics on how your post is perceived and much engagement comes from it. 

The more information you know about your followers’ reaction to your specific posts, the more you can mold the content to enhance the engagement to the fullest.

3. Post Product Teasers

Themes help to advertise products, and product teasers are one of the category posts that have more attention-grabbing followers. And if you are smart enough, you shouldn’t annoy your followers with long advertisements.

Product teasers are an easy way to show your product and boost excitement among your followers.

The posts with thousands of likes are massive in the Instagram app. The ads with more likes are not pushy and attract users with the discount offers to shop around.

4. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are usually pushed forward on Instagram, and you can control these ads by setting up an ad budget. You can display one or multiple sponsored ads based on your requirements. 

These ads help you to target your audience in a new way; you can select your target audience’s group based on age, gender, location, likings, etc. 

Nowadays, all the brands have started promoting their products through these ads and reaching their target audience more than ever.

For sponsored ads, the content should be engaging and also appealing to your followers. 

You can also change the existing posts into sponsored ads and push these high-performing posts to the probable customers. 

To run multiple ads for different target audiences at the same time for more engagement, you can check various forms like the photo, video, carousel/dynamic ads, stories, and stories canvas.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories help you generate leads and are different from regular Instagram posts as it comes in a slideshow format. 

These stories live for only 24 hours and are saved to your devices to reuse after some time. This feature is similar to Snapchat Stories and appears in a tiny area above the news feed.

Instagram Stories have endless benefits. For new users, these stories show above follower timelines. Instagram helps post different content types in the stories such as photos, live video, rewind video, and a short video.

These stories also support Boomerang’s GIF images to play continuously and also tag with other accounts. Face filters, stickers make it easy to edit pictures for fun, eye-catching visuals. 

You can add an unlimited number of posts to the Stories at any time, and this feature is offered to all businesses worldwide.

6. Partner with Social influencers

Please offer a way to collect user-submitted photos. These photos make your target consumers be engaged and influence them to buy products. And your hundreds or thousand followers will enjoy these user-generated photos compared to yours because it is unpredictable.

You may have doubts about how you can gain more followers by displaying these photos. It is merely that your audiences are looking to grow their following. So you will get more followers compared to earlier. 

It would be like a win-win situation if you helped to increase your user’s audience automatically; your followers would also increase.

8. Interactive branded hashtag

If you are looking for instant target audience engagement, interactive hashtags help achieve your goal. 

Your target users will use the tag to post content and permits other users to check these posts regarding your brand. 

It helps to search your product images easily and contributes to repost content on your page.


The eight marketing tips mentioned help to improve your products, sales, and services. 

These tips help improve brand awareness, and your brand is registered in peoples’ minds as long as you are active in your Instagram account.

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