Top YouTube Intro Ideas To Make An Impactful Intro in 2020


Every brand prefers having their own YouTube channel to showcase their offerings and create a unique space for themselves on the platform. Even a video uploaded on your YouTube channel has to work to establish its identity and stand out from other similar content shared by competitors. The internet is flooding with audio-visual contents every single minute. An ‘intro’ introduces the brand to the viewers intending to create a favourable impression.

To compete with other video editors you need to understand your target audience from head to toe. Value their choice and preferences and trust me, they will value your work.  

The latest practice followed by YouTubers is to incorporate a ‘short intro’ before the content of the video begins to play. Just as any performance would start with an introduction by the host. 

Various types of intros can be customized to suit your requirement. Intros can be animated, upbeat, thematic or standard, but should not exceed 15 seconds in length. Your intros need to be aced to perfection as they would be incorporated across all the video uploads on your channel. Hence, getting it right matters the most, or you could lose out on an audience even before the actual video footage begins. 

There are various online tools and software that allow you to create engaging intros, and no, it does not require you to have a professional certificate in movie making for it.

Things to keep in mind to make impactful intro videos

A powerful intro compels audiences to be hooked onto the screen as soon as they hit ‘play’ and share the content further once it has concluded. Impactful intros are fun to watch, engaging, and innovative all at the same time. Well-made intros pay emphasis to the following points. 

Identify with your brand elements

Your brand identity should be placed at the heart of all your marketing efforts. Even while curating your intro sliders, the brand identifiers such as colour scheme, fonts and icons must be in sync, so as to make it easy for your viewers to associate with you. 

Incorporate your YouTube channel logo

It is mandatory to include your channel logos in your intros. The logo can even feature some animation so that it stands out. Every time your channel’s logo appears in the video, it should evoke a positive emotion and get the audience excited about staying tuned and learning more. Viewers show their preference for brand loyalty even while deciding on what to watch on YouTube. Therefore, seeing your channel’s logo in the intro will ensure that your followers never skip out on watching your video. 

Decide on an Ideal length of the intro video

The range of your intros should be just enough to build anticipation, but not too long to kill it. In the precious first seven to fifteen seconds, you should be able to share with your audience the theme or topic of the video content; they are about to witness. Statistics show that 50% of viewers quit watching uninterested videos thirty seconds into it and if your intros exceed 30 seconds, then the viewer may close the video even before the main film begins. 

Choose an appropriate template

Your intro maker will offer you an array of template options for you to choose from. The template must be selected according to the type of video you are making. Some templates feature 2D effects, 3D effects, unique motion graphics, abstract or spotlight effects to make your intros look cool. Try out different templates by adding your logo, tagline, and icons as you would want them to appear in the intro and then run the various options with your team, before narrowing down to the ultimate one. 

Include audio

You can add beats to your animated logo if that is what you are using to introduce yourself. Adding sound to the intros gives it a wholesome effect. Often even voice-overs are added to the intros. This brings in a more human element to the intros and makes it more interactive. Instead of trying to read all the wordings that pop-up and disappear in the intros, viewers find it easier to follow the human voice as it narrates the text out to them. 

Surprise your viewers

Original intros that are unique may work out for you by getting more eyeballs. Instead of directly starting the intros, you may try adding the intro a few seconds after the video starts-off. This breaks the monotony and leaves the audience presently surprised and hooked on for long. 


We hope you will keep these points in mind before you venture out to make your very first YouTube intros. Even if you have tried your hands at creating an intro by yourself before and it did not turn out the way you wanted it to be, give it another shot by choosing the right intro tool and following our pro tips.

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