Youtube Marketing: Free Tips To Make Ultimate YouTube Content in 2020

Youtube Marketing

Making videos for YouTube is becoming easier with the help of Video tools. However, you have to be creative, spend quality time, and put up a lot of effort if you want it to be professional and unique. All your efforts along with the time and money spent will become a waste if your video does not have an impressive outro. 

Do you want to make a YouTube video with a professional look? If so, you need to add a perfect outro to it. Without outros, your well-crafted quality video will not create the desired impact. Many people don’t realize the importance of outros and Youtube marketing for YouTube content. They feel a good intro and a captivating video is enough.

However, some experts think you can skip an intro but not the outro. They say adding both intros and outros will drive the audience away because people’s attention span is very low. If you want to skip one of them, you can skip the intro but never skip the outro

What Are Outros And Why Are They Important?

Outros are referred to as the ‘end slates’ or end screens or tail slates. It is through an outro that you bid goodbye to your audience and prompts them to take action. Why do you need them? 

1. Keeping the audience hooked to your channel

The success of your YouTube channel is measured by the number of views you get. The more the views, the better will be the success of your channel. Youtube marketing  makes sure that your viewers don’t leave your channel. Your thoughtfully scripted and presented outros are the best tools that will lead them to another video on your channel. This helps in increasing the views to your channel.

2. Driving specific actions from viewers

Outros are useful to drive your viewers for a specific activity that includes:

  • Link to a YouTube playlist with many videos or another individual video 
  • Make the viewers subscribe to your channel by linking to your channel
  • Link to your website and increase the traffic to your website 

3. Increasing brand awareness and repeat audience

When you use your outro space to display your logo and brand designs etc., it will help in making your brand name linger in the minds of the viewers. This increases brand awareness and brand recognition. Moreover, a good outro will make the viewer return.

4. Leads to your social media accounts

You can use your outro to lead your Youtube marketing   as well as other social media profiles. This will help in inspiring your audience to explore your social media handles as well. This will lead to an increase in traffic to your other social platforms.

5. Ending uniquely to create a lasting impression

Ending your video abruptly will not create a lasting impression on your video. If you want to sign off in style, you need a good outro. This will create a connection between the viewers and your brand. 

6. Increasing the watch time

A majority of people give more importance to the number of views and not the watch time. You can make the viewers take the desired action only if they watch the video till the end. Moreover, the more the watch time, the better will be your rank in the search results. A good outro is one of the ways to increase the watch time of your channel. The very purpose of an outro is to make sure your viewers watch the video till the end.

Tips To Create The Best Outro:

• White space

The outro space should not be stacked with multiple elements. Your outro design should use more white space. This will highlight your ‘call to action’ that includes ‘subscribe’ or ‘like’ or link to visit your website etc. 

• Duration

The duration of the outro should neither be too short nor too long. If it is too short, your viewers will not have time to decide their next action. If it is too long, they will not have the patience to watch it. The ideal duration is from 10 to 15 seconds.

• Size

The size of the outro should be of the same dimension as your video. The ideal size is 1,920 pixels x 1,080 pixels. It is better to create a 16:9 video instead of a 4:3 video. This is the size that will look good both on mobile screens and larger screens.

• Message

The message should be concise and clear.

• Colors and fonts

Use the colors and fonts of your brand to help the viewers to relate the video to your brand. This is a good strategy for building brand awareness.

• Consistency

Using the same visuals and the same templates will create the element of consistency. The style, setting, music, and lighting must be consistent.


Are you worried that Youtube marketing and creating the right videos will be an uphill task? Don’t feel overwhelmed. You have several tools to help you to end your marketing and videos with the perfect end slate and keep your viewers transfixed till the end.

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